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Juggling events - UK‎ 1997

EventStart dateDaysCountry
Ye Olde Yorvik Juggling Convention 21997-01-261UK‎
Liverpool Circus Convention1997-02-221UK‎
Freaks Bristol to Bath unicycle ride1997-03-011UK‎
Taunton Juggling Convention1997-03-151UK‎
The 1997 British Juggling Convention1997-04-104UK‎
Birmingham Circus Convention1997-05-031UK‎
Streets Ahead1997-05-0324UK‎
Lancaster Jugglers Lake District 1997 (Swallow Barn)1997-06-072UK‎
Children's Circus Festival1997-06-105UK‎
Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts1997-06-264UK‎
Hat Fair Fringe1997-07-016UK‎
Wessex Juggling Convention1997-07-043UK‎
Winchester Hat Fair1997-07-043UK‎
4th British Unicycle Convention1997-08-013UK‎
Crawley Circus Festival 19971997-08-092UK‎
9th Bristol Juggling and Circus Skills Convention1997-09-139UK‎
1st Durham Juggling Festival1997-10-111UK‎
3rd Cambridge Juggling Convention1997-10-191UK‎

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