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Brendan Kelbie -

Hey everyone!

I just recently broke the 4 and 5 ball blind records, and I am super keen to have these records confirmed by juggle wiki and other websites. Could anybody lend me a hand in this process as I’ve never done this before? Thanks :D

Johnathan Mundell - - Genitore

Where can you find the blind records? Juggle wiki only does most objects qualified for blind records.

Brendan Kelbie - - Genitore


This one, in which I’ve broken the 4 and 5 ball run for the most juggling catches blind.

Mike Moore - - Genitore


Post a public video, then update Juggle Wiki.

Brendan Kelbie - - Genitore

Oh my god Mike I love your juggling! I’ve posted a live video beforehand but I got very inspired to do blind juggling from you! Thank you man :)


Mike Moore - - Genitore

Nice videos! I sent them to a friend who is god-tier at counting catches, he verified they were records and updated the wiki. You're official!

And thanks, I'm glad you liked the blind videos. It's great you've been able to take it this far.

Johnathan Mundell - - Genitore

Alex Lubker Has taken them off. Here are some comment excerpts: I won't be accepting any blind juggling records from you unless you can provide more convincing evidence that you're really juggling blind. Maybe if you juggled with a bucket over your head...?

Good choice. The recent 5 ball 'blind' record attempt is so clearly not blind; unless the dude has some kind of bat-like echolocation technique he'd have no way of adjusting his hand placement to make a catch.

Isn't Brendan Kelbie this same guy who have been continuously trying to fake blindfold runs to get posted here?

Johnathan Mundell - - Genitore

(those are not all from alex) Here is what I have to say: In the 5 ball video I can see your eyes at the bottom and when you take it off you push It down a bit.

Brendan Kelbie - - Genitore

I’ve seen, blindfold isn’t good enough apparently so I did it with my eyes closed

Orinoco - - Genitore

I've got to say in both those videos the blindfolds appear to be a little too high to be entirely covering your eyes, the head tilting back doesn't help either. I can see why Alex isn't entirely convinced. The problem with blind juggling is that only the juggler can verify if they can or cannot see.

The most convincing blindfold I've seen was used by a magician of middle-Eastern appearance I vaguely recall seeing on the Paul Daniels magic show in the early 90s. He took a big ball of dough, moulded it into a flatbread shape & slapped it clearly over his eyes then tied it in place with a bandanna. He then had audience members write sums on a chalk board that he would solve. He also asked a volunteer to draw a symbol for him to embellish into a drawing. The volunteer did a squiggle, then he added a load of other squiggles which formed an unrecognisable pattern. He stopped & asked, "Can you tell what it is yet? It's my wife!" before continuing the drawing into a beautiful picture of a woman in an elaborately patterned hijab.

The blindfold was thoroughly convincing to me but there is no way he could have performed these feats without being able to see. Googling reveals a magician named Kuda Bux did the same routine in the 1950s which pretty much confirms it is a trick.

Orinoco - - Genitore

& because everything is on Youtube:


Most of my recollections are correct!

lukeburrage - - Genitore

I think you need coins over your eyes and then gaffa tape over the coins.


(I should post better quality versions of some of my "proudest" renegade moments some time).

pumpkineater23 - - Genitore

Ouch! Doesn't that rip your eyebrows off?

CameronFord - - Genitore

I can’t seem to see the videos, so I’m not going to comment on this individual case but am going to respond to “unless the dude has some kind of bat-like echolocation technique he'd have no way of adjusting his hand placement to make a catch“. I can do 3 balls and 3 clubs a bit blindfold. With time your definitely learn to adjust your hand placement, even without being able to see. You do this by learning what it feels like to release a ball slightly too far forward/backwards/left/right and then how to correct it. It is possible, although I agree any massive corrects would make me suspicious about whether it was legitimate.

Brendan Kelbie - - Genitore

I did do one with my eyes closed recently, but I don’t think anything I post will be approved anytime soon


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