2 pallina solo records

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TrickRecordWho byDate
2 pallina (4,4)(0,0) with a club balanced on the head50 catches aawray2016-11-05
2 pallina (4,4)(0,0) over head with a club balanced on the head30 catches aawray2016-11-05
2 pallina in one hand1630 catches Ethan2015-06-17
2 pallina in one hand rolling in2245 catches Ethan2015-07-29
2 pallina 501800 catches Llama_Bill2019-06-21
2 pallina 501 penguin catches90 catches Ilia Poliakov2016-07-22
2 pallina 501 rolling in220 catches Ilia Poliakov2016-11-12
2 pallina head bounce2 bounces Heydar2016-02-17
2 pallina in one hand while spinning a basket ball4 catches Austin2016-07-20