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Boulder Circus Center




2008 AYCO Educators Conference
October 10 - 12, 2008
Boulder Circus Center
Boulder, Colorado

Calling all youth circus coaches, program directors, board members, and supporters to the 2008 AYCO Educators Conference.

This year's theme, Raising the Bar, unites us as we come together to improve our skills, talents, and visions to more successfully fulfill our missions working with youth and supporting the preservation of the circus. We are choosing to host a general assembly this year. Workshops will cover a wide range of topics from coaching techniques to program development and fund-raising.
We are very excited to announce that we are working with the Boulder Arts Alliance to offer workshops by professionals in areas of Grant Writing as well as Program Assessment Strategies. Other workshops offered throughout the weekend include Acrobatic Technique and Spotting (Chuck Johnson, Seattle Acrobatics and New Circus Academy), Aerial Skills Progression (Cathy Gauch, Boulder Circus Center), Injury Prevention for Circus Arts Student (Panni Spears, Flexibility Plus, Rochester), Movement Composition and Choreography ( Diana Greiner and Sarah East Johnson, LAVA, NYC), Aerial Spotting Techniques (Elsie Smith, NICCA, Vermont), Social Circus in Germany (Romy Backofen, Kornerzirkus-Kids, Neukolln, Germany), Out of Hand - Teaching Juggling and other Object Manipulations (KAREN QUEST!, Cowgirl Tricks, San Francisco).
Many round table forums on mentoring, sustainability / succession planning for youth programs, teaching outside one's culture, and more.

Saturday Night Performances by Lazer Vaudeville and Frequent Flyers!

Conference Registration, Hotel information, and our current updated list of workshops can be found online at www.americanyouthcircus.org/EdCon2008/index.html

SAVE THE DATES: October 10 - 12, 2008!
questions? Please contact David Hunt @ david@americanyouthcircus.org

***Housing available at discounted rates only until September 10th at the Holiday Inn Express, Boulder. *****

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