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3 clubs, 4 clubs, 55 minutes

Warm up
423 with a shoulder drop, also on singles
441 on singles

4c fountain, doubles
534 four times and back to fountain

...don't remember if I did something more

passing, 70 minutes

(With T)
8c 2-count doubles is too difficult for me, but we got a few passes.

(With T and S)
A few attempts at T feeding on 2-count doubles, me and S doing pass self double-self self, but it was too difficult, too.
7-beat Bruno's Nightmare
5-beat Bruno's Nightmare
1-count (3-beat) Bruno's Nightmare didn't work, but could with a bit more practice (S has done it before)

(With S, S3 and T)
Short round of "box" with me and S3 passing 3-count and S and T doing pps

(With R, S, S2, S3 and T)
Two 4-count triangles (standing in a 6-point star), then tried to have T and R or T and S adding 4-count triples between them.
Shooting star on doubles in 6-count

passing, 120 minutes

We each bought something to eat and went to the park for hanging out and doing some more passing after the regular practice session.

(With T and R)
Just a normal 2-count/4-count feed with walking (it was windy...)

(With S, S3, T and R)
Scrambled 3, S mostly watched but sometimes replaced R or S3

(With S3, T and R)
Scrambled V, only tried for a bit, didn't do all parts

(With S, S3, R and R)
4-count star
3-count star
pspss star
pspfs star (except most of the time we just did hold instead of flip)

Total practice time: 245 minutes

Locations: Södermalmsskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna), Jongleringsparken (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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3 clubs, 15 minutes

Warm up

4 clubs, 45 minutes

Fountain, doubles
5551 and back to fountain (fives as triples) was much harder starting with the left than starting with the right. Funny thing is it was often the righthanded triple that I dropped...

passing, 60 minutes

(With S, S2 and T)
Scrambled V

(With S, S2, S3 and T)
Star: 4-count, lefthanded 4-count, then 3-count.
Mr inside Mr outside weave
Star pspfs (practice for Why Not star)

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Eiraskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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Stephen Meschke

3-7 balls, 3-5 Clubs, 1 minute

I had a really bad morning, and a bad day at work. I was really frustrated, and I just wanted to go juggle a little bit because I haven't juggled much lately.

After a warmup, I trained 7b cascade with my MMX balls. They are heavier and larger than the Russian style balls that I usually use, and that makes them more difficult to juggle the 7 ball cascade. My goal was 100 catches (of course). I kept failing, for two reasons. About half the time I get a bad launch. Most of the runs with a successful launch ended between 50 and 80 throws. I kept failing and my frustration was snowballing.

The more errors I made, the more frustrated I got. Being frustrated caused me to make more errors.

Then a double amputee walked by. The sun glinted on the shiny metal hooks. My paradigm changed.

Successfully completed a training session with 100 catches of 7b cascade and 100 catches of 5c cascade.

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Park

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3 clubs, 4 clubs, 40 minutes

Was hoping to catch the last rays of sun after a nice day, but there were a couple of small clouds above the treetops so I was too late.

No wind tonight, 4c tricks worked better (though not as well as they do indoors).

534 four times and back to fountain

3-club tricks, the same shoulder drops as last time, some siteswap stuff.

Total practice time: 40 minutes

Location: Ute på gården

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3 clubs, 4 clubs, 45 minutes

Couldn't go to Stockholm for juggling today because I had a sore throat that might mean I have a cold (symptoms means stay at home and don't meet anyone). Boring.
At least the weather was OK, though I still blame the wind for the fact that the 4c juggling didn't work.

Spent too much time trying to get 534534 and back to fountain, I can usually do this...

3c tricks worked better. Did some shoulder drops in 423, also with the 4 as a single. Got the "high triple, synchronous shoulder drops, back to cascade" from both hands.

Two girls watched me for a while. Maybe I should learn how to entertain kids...

I'm gonna miss juggling conventions this summer, but I hope that I will at least be able to get a lot of nice juggling days in Stockholm with my friends. Hoping for good health and nice weather!

Total practice time: 45 minutes

Location: Ute på gården

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Kyle C

4 clubs, Inverted Box, Weave, Flats, 93 minutes

I'm back juggling! My wrist is mostly better, but just to be safe I'm avoiding anything too strenuous like 6b or 5b endurance.

Worked on flats a today, and they felt better than ever :D I forgot just how helpful working with 2 balls and 1 club is.

Also did a lot of 4 club singles. Best I got was about 11 catches, which was a new record for me :)

And I attempted to get my Weave better, though I have a sinking feeling I'm not flowy enough haha

And in my ongoing goal to get inverted box, I practiced inverted boston mess for a while, and got about 3 rounds of it. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll be able to run the actual pattern haha

Total practice time: 93 minutes

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passing, ball passing, teaching, 3 clubs, 30 minutes

Played with my niece (who is almost 8), did some "passing" with 3 clubs, also threw a ball to each other a few times, but clubs worked better.

Taught my sister to pass 5b 1-count and 5c 1-count. Got 10-12 catches in total (5-6 each) on the best rounds. She can get a few catches of 3b cascade, I also showed how to throw clubs and she got to the 2-club exchange.

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Ununge

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3 clubs, 4 clubs, 60 minutes

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

passing, 60 minutes

(With S, S2, S3 and T)
4-count star
3-count star (outsides)
pps star (outsides)
W-feed on doubles (2-count/4-count, 17 clubs). S3 on one end, the rest of us trying two different positions.
W-feed, 3-count/6-count (17 clubs), we mostly wanted to see that this is a valid pattern, it definitely was correct but we couldn't make it work.
W-feed (normal 2-count/4-count 15 clubs) with walking through the pattern. Everyone walked at least once, but not in the same round.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Södermalmsskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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Kyle C

3 clubs and balance, 5 balls, 60 minutes

3 clubs and balance: Worked on this a little bit. Mostly focusing on trying to get good flashes and collect cleanly.

5 balls: Practiced going from a 5b cascade to a high throw, then back to 5. Also I started working on making my 5b half shower better. At the moment it’s pretty sloppy, and pretty narrow.

Gonna do some 6b later tonight probably. It’s too hot to write more about juggling lol

6 balls, 39 minutes

60 days of 6: day 5

I started practice kind of late at night, so I didn’t get the chance to write this up. I got to use the tripod though! It made things a lot easier, but I think I’m going to make some adjustments next time. It’s a PITA to have to sort through all those videos. So today, every time I get a good run, I’m going to walk over and heart that video. But other than that, practice was OK. Not great (because it was so humid), but alright. Got in a good run of 6b wimpy, which was surprising since I was practicing inside.

Async: I think I need to spread the pattern out a little bit, and make it higher. Hopefully that’ll decrease collisions.

Sync: got 10 catches which was nice. It’s feeling more stable, until the end when it usually gets a bit wonky.

Total practice time: 99 minutes

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3 clubs, 4 clubs, 40 minutes

Well, we weren't really at Eiraskolan for very long, the sports hall was locked and the people we are supposed to call if there are any issues couldn't find the keys...

Went to the area next to the subway instead.

We were 8 people today. :)

passing, 70 minutes

(Still not really at Eiraskolan, but close enough.)

(With S2 and T)
S2 feeding doing Why Not, me and T doing either 5-count popcorn (didn't work) or 5-club Why Not.

(With S, S2, S3 and T)
pspfs Star (simplified Why Not Star) didn't work very well
4-count Star worked
3-count star (outsides)
2-count star
1-count star was difficult but fun for the few passes that we got.

Went to the usual pub for After Juggle Beer.

Total practice time: 110 minutes

Location: Eiraskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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Kyle C

passing, 20 minutes

Passed with my sister and goofed around for a bit. Only counted the actual juggling time though :P

this was from yesterday (the 14th) because I forgot to type it up lol

also I had to put my 60 days of 6 on hold cause my wrist hurt :(

Total practice time: 20 minutes

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Kyle C

5 rings, 6 balls, 23 minutes

5 Rings: So I drove my dad to this place today, and then tried to juggle in some shade by a tree. I warmed up 5 rings for about 10 minutes, and then the wind started to blow really hard :(

6 balls: Thought I was going to be able to film for my 6 for 60 days thing, but 10 minutes later we had to leave cause he was done.

6 balls, 63 minutes

Day 4: 60 days of 6

Practiced outside today. Worked through a pyramid in an attempt to improve my right hand. It went alright, but I’m still struggling. Definitely glad I didn’t cut the practice short at 30 minutes though, because I think the longer grind on the warmups and a better focus on relaxing helped a lot. I tried to focus on making 8 catches using a new technique: focusing on two specific catches and letting the rest go by memory. It worked well, and I think I’m going to continue using it.

There is one other thing that’s been bothering me lately; catching the third ball with my right hand seems to be rather tough. And I’ve been wanting to make russians for a while now, so maybe I’ll make a few that are smaller than my current ones, and give it a shot.

Async: Got a nice solid batch or two. Still working on making it higher, as I think that might help. Also nearly got two rounds of 66661 which was exciting. Also I might have gotten a new pb of 10 catches :D

Sync: Better than ever. Got a new record of 11 catches (dropped the last one). I keep throwing the final two at different heights, something that I think will get better with practice.

Total practice time: 86 minutes

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