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York Jugglers -

Less than a week till Leeds Juggling Convention! Saturday 2nd December 2023 ( 12223 for US siteswap enthusiasts *)

The convention is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends and share skills and knowledge.

There will be:
Workshops teaching a variety of circus skills throughout the day.
Juggling Games during the afternoon.
Traders selling you all kinds of circus props.
Board Games Room and Chillout Space.
An evening Gala Show featuring local, regional and national artists!

There will of course be the traditional free doughnuts and free tea and coffee ALL DAY (Bring a mug!)!

You might even win the famous Leeds Pineapple in the raffle!!

This is probably the last UK juggling convention of 2023 so don't miss it!

What's not to like! See you there!

#LJC2023 #events

* it is also the 336 th day of the year of the year which is a more satisfying siteswap pattern as well as being the 160th anniversary of the birth of Charles Ringling (and the 87th anniversary of the death of his brother John Ringling)

Mïark -

You can now buy tickets for British Juggling Convention (BJC 2024) in ~Blackpool, 28 March - 3 April 2024.
Buy tickets now to save money and help the BJC organisers work out how many people are coming - so they know how many chairs, etc to provide.

Tickets available at:

More information about BJC on the BJC 2024 website:

You can even mark yourself as going on the Juggling Edge event listing, for added thrills:


pumpkineater23 -

The algorithms very much want me to buy one of these 'high-tech' magic flying balls. They look like the kind of thing that's sure to break within a few days, but I do wonder if they could be juggled? Has anyone tried one (or preferably three)?

Mïark - - Genitore

I found a pair in a charity shop maybe a year ago and like you thought they would be very interesting to juggle, so bought another two on-line. They were only £5-6 on-line (or £2 second hand) then, you might be able to get them for less than £15 still.
Trying to juggle them is very exciting, they are lightweight and have almost no incentive to stay upright. Any deviation from upright causes them to go suddenly sideways and you are chasing them across the room like a stray bounce juggling ball.
I plan to try adding a small weight to the bottom to see if that keeps them more vertical without damaging lift, but haven't got round to it yet as there is only limited space in my juggling bag. They look as robust as you might expect a disposable child's toy, they also fly different heights depending on how recently they were recharged - from memory something like 5 mins flight after 15 mins charging.
I might try to bring them to Leeds convention on Saturday if I have space (and can remember where I put them).

pumpkineater23 - - Genitore

Thanks. I suspected they might not be as stable as they appear in the various advertisement videos. Interesting that you thought of modifying them.. I'm curious to see how that turns out!

Paintedlight -

Hi Guys,

Got a prompt to introduce myself.... soooo tada!

Learnt how to juggle early 90's at Cosmos in York with Jim and Anna.

Been to pretty much every BJC since, performed at the odd renegade. Despite having Charlie's entertaining compendiums and the excellent 'Juggling And The Art of Practice' by Ben Cornish, I have never got beyond 5 of anything.

I dabble in magic, do a bit of hat twiddling and can rustle up a balloon snake in under 5 minutes.


Tufty - - Genitore

Hello, another old hand!

7b_wizard - - Genitore

Hi there!

Mïark - - Genitore


welcome to Juggling Edge, I also juggled at Cosmos in York but at the end of the 90s so we may not have overlapped, though we have been at the same BJCs

Five is plenty of anything, there are some many pleasing patterns with lower numbers that higher numbers are less visually pleasing

York Jugglers - - Genitore

Something else started in York in the 1990s, Chocfest! If you are still in the area, strongly recommend coming to Chocfest (York Juggling Convention) 3rd February 2024


JonPeat - - Genitore

Seems like a long time to wait for a juggling convention, if only there was another convention in the locale...

#LJC2023 #events

Saturday 2nd December 2023 - Doughnuts for everyone, see you there!

5balls -

Having just made some cheap ball pit juggling balls for some workshops I have weighted my normal Play Sil-X Light (I think) balls (just to get a weight to fill the self made balls) and noticed more variation on the weight than I would have expected. (In case you don't know this balls, this are hybrid balls with a soft shell and a silicone oil as filling - not as much dead drop as russian balls, but maybe a bit less wobbly - tastes on those diverge, for me this are my favourite balls). Now those are several years old and while I always thought of them as pretty tight and wouldn't expect them to leak I can not rule that out entirely. Also they were bought at different years and while they *should* have been the exactly same ball I also can't rule out that Play changed the fill levels (The weight table on their ball configurator page has different weights than I remember from some years ago).

Has anyone experienced that as well? Does Play sell silicone oil for refilling and has anyone tried this? Or does anyone know which brand of silicone oil they use? I think I have seen some video some years ago on how to remove the plug and that should probably not be a problem I think. Unfortunately they don't do the juggling convention in Imbersago (Conventions di Giocoleria della Brianza) anymore where I would have asked them directly ;). I miss that convention.

pumpkineater23 - - Genitore

The last set I bought (from Oddballs) were different weights. They kindly took them back and replaced them with new ones that were an identical weight (108 grams).

Marvin -

Here are all the links posted during October 2023:


The Void -

Anyone recognise this late-90s fire breather(/juggler?) from the Edinburgh fringe?

Kathrina Becker -

my name is Kathrina Becker (insta: @maycheeky). I am a German Hooper based in Austria. Since 2019 I experienced the beautiful world on conventions and now I am organizing every once in a while little ones or help out with moderating shows, open stages etc.

Greetings from Eidenberg, Austria,

The Void - - Genitore

Hi Kathrina,
Welcome to The Edge! I hooped a little, ages ago, but I found it too tiring/“good exercise”*. :-)
*delete to suit

david -

At our club meeting this past week two of us did a new passing pattern based on the old idea of a “three-three-ten”. The new version is three three-counts, three pass-pass-selfs, and ten one-counts.

pss pss pss pps pps pps pppppppppp

It”s fun, please try it. We found it helped to count out loud.

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