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Richard Loxley -

It's a week until Bungay Balls Up starts, and we're looking forward to welcoming you all!

We should have all the usual facilities, including the Big Top, Cafe Chameleon, the games tent, toilets, showers, outside camp fire, etc.

We've been working behind the scenes to make the convention as safe as possible for everyone this year, as COVID is still a concern.

The good news is as BBU is in a field, most areas are pretty well ventilated, which helps reduce risks considerably.

These are the extra things we're doing this year:

(1) we'll have CO2 monitors in the cafe tent and games tent to show how well ventilated they are (using an easily visible green/orange/red/flashing-red colour-coded system)

(2) we'll be putting extra tables and chairs in the big top, so people who want to eat or socialise in a more ventilated space can choose to do so

(3) we'll be providing plenty of firewood for the outdoor camp fire, for those that prefer to keep warm away from crowded areas

(4) during the show and convention meeting, we'll be making sure the big top has extra ventilation

Before you leave for Bungay, please do check if you have any symptoms that make you think you might have COVID, and if so please take a test before coming. Lateral Flow Tests are available from Boots for about £2 each.

If you do have access to LFTs, it's worth taking a test anyway, as COVID is often symptomless.

See you next week!

Orinoco - - Genitore

I shall be there. Looking forward to my first festival since Bungay 2019 (blimey)

The Void - - Genitore

Hurray for #BBU2022!

Niklas -


I'm Niklas from Berlin, Germany. Some of you might know me from previous EJC's or from other german Connventions as i helped at a few of them. Mostly in the area of the Technical part of the show (my day job is lighting for a televison company). I'm also part of ther Berlin Juggling Convention organizer team. Juggling wise i do mostly club juggling, sometimes balls and rarely some diabolo. While juggling clubs i like to participate in combat juggling (

Orinoco - - Genitore

Hi Niklas, welcome aboard!

Marvin -

Here are all the links posted during April 2022:


Aren B -

Hello! I'm new here but I love juggling!

7b_wizard - - Genitore


Aaron Römer Aka Aaron Von Der Rolle -

Hi everyone,

i joined cause there was an old entry of my local juggling meetup here in Kaiserslautern Germany and i wanted it to be updated :)

i am 28 years old, started practicing juggling with 19 where i joined university and by the time i finished my master degree i could unicycle and juggle :) currently working on 5 clubs or getting started with long staff. my pb is balancing a club on my head while balancing myself on a rola bola on 2 wobbly wooden boards on uneven ground xD juggling while hooping on rola bola is also one of my favourites.
besides that i practice on learning new 5 ball tricks or new 3 club routines.

The last big juggling convention i was it was in Kalrsruhe germany, but mainly i stayed local for now.
Otherwise i go a lot to mediavel markets, and juggle in mediavel jester clothes to the amuesement of myself and others :)

The Void - - Genitore

Hi Aaron,
Welcome to The Edge!

7b_wizard - - Genitore

Hi & welcome Aaron!
Merely trying to imagine those balance while balancing acts, makes me dizzy. And you're so active with several patterns & props - that's always motivating to read of.

PJPerkin -

BJC 2022 HiLoGoalCrushBaneSurprise


Renegade stages – Really high quality, especially from theStreet Performers. Laugh-out-loud heckles. Excellent comperes.

How happy everyone was the entire time. We were clearlyoverjoyed to be together again. It felt like there was some competition on ‘Whocan be the happiest’ person, and there were a number of contenders. See my comment by Mark Songhurst as a crush.

Passing on Saturday Night with the Randall Collective, Mike,Tom and Ben. Finding the groove, roasting each other, and passing = myidea of a good Saturday night.

The BJCCIC discussions, presentation and Q&A all wenteven better than I’d hoped. Stay tuned for more!

Turnout for Club Flourishes workshop.

Brie & Grape Workshop. A silly idea executed withprecision. Thinking about what to do with that workshop causing the reaction of“Literally the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life” Luke Burrage, 2022.

Lestival excitement!

Using monopoly money to bet on Fight Night. I was thebookies (naturally), so I ended up with all the money in the end (naturally).

Fashion of BJC. Albums to come. Jugglers really do dress to impress.


Missing the Games on Sunday. Family commitments and lack of time meant I couldn’t join in one of my favourite parts of the convention.

Not seeing or taking part in any Alternative Games. Late night nonsense in big tops with silly people being silly. Incredibly good fun.

Failing to go to workshops.

The burdens on the justice system in the SJC (It’s called the Southend Juggling Club but we call it the SJC as it takes less time)meant no kangaroo courts and the carnage that goes with that.


1) Have fun SUCCESS

2) Relax SUCCESS

3) Get a mandate to establish and run the CIC SUCCESS

4) Go to Workshops FAIL

5) Learn new tricks FAIL

6) Hang out with my friends SUCCESS

7) Network for my business Contract Repairman for both assistance and customers SUCCESS!




Anna’s Dad - Gave me a lift to the station, total don.

Dan Barclay

Bungle Banks

Tom Derrick


Adrian and Naomi from the coffee stand - Proper sweethearts and their caffeination station

Michelle - One of the OGs

Kaz Sareen - A total sweetheart and a new pal

Sydney and Sydney’s daughter

Nat Lunatrick - Picked me to help with renegade, usually the coolest man in any room he's in.

Iona Stewart - Femigade is new mainstay.

Katrin Wagner - My favourite show of the convention, by kilometres!

Mark Songhurst - At 10:25am on Thursday 14 April I heard Mark over the radio. Anna asked over the radio "Is everyone doing alright?" and Mark replied "I couldn't think of life being better" and that's how I felt for the whole week.


Fewer than 24 hours in one day. Only one weeklong. Only one BJC per year.


Getting 303 in Yahtzee.

How unanimously the BJCCIC was voted for.

How unanimously happy all BJC attendees were.

The Weather!

Mike Moore - - Genitore

I didn't realize how much I'd missed reading these. Thanks for the post.

Orinoco - - Genitore

Me too!

I feel we need more explanation of what the BJCCIC is though, I assume the CIC bit is community interest company? I take it this is the latest phase of the BJAG?

Johnathan Mundell -

11 ball club has a new member!

7b_wizard - - Genitore

oh wow !

Orinoco - - Genitore

Congratulations! I still can't get over how low your patterns are!

Johnathan Mundell - - Genitore

You're not the only one! Going to work on getting higher throws during/after when I flash 12.

The Void - - Genitore

Well done!

Johnathan Mundell - - Genitore

Thanks Everyone!

Tufty - - Genitore

Excellent! Well done.

Mïark -

Phase 2 of ticket sales for EJC 2022 in Tres Cantos, Spain will begin on Friday 1st April at 8:00pm (Central European Time (Madrid Time)).

There will only be 1300 adult tickets available in this phase.

There will only be a total of 3000 tickets available for EJC 2022 due to site restrictions

Tickets available from

More information about EJC 2022 is at


barnesy -


You can blame Graham Haslehurst for this. Or perhaps I should just let jokes pass by without doing this kind of thing...

Maria - - Genitore

Ha, nice game!

Orinoco - - Genitore

1. Damn you Barnesy!

2. Siteswaple Shirley?!

3. Go on then. Siteswapordle
278 5/6


barnesy - - Genitore

Curses. You're totally right about the name. Not sure when that'll change...

barnesy - - Genitore

I'll have to fix the redirect for the old one tomorrow - time for the school run!

barnesy - - Genitore

Actually hopefully done that right just now!

Mïark - - Genitore

This is really cool, could you put a link to or animation of the pattern once you have solved it, like they do with phrasle

barnesy - - Genitore

Maybe! I’ve not seen phrasle, will have a look. I could also put something in the share text to link to siteswap explorer but that’s probably too mixed a message!

barnesy - - Genitore

Oh yeah, more than a mixed message, it would spoil the answer! I’ll see some time if I can add a link to the success message.

el_grimley - - Genitore

For something based on a flippant comment its surprisingly engaging.

barnesy - - Genitore

I thought it was just a flippant response but now I’m enjoying the game too!

The work I put into it was comically slight: I just replaced the word lists and gave it a new name. Now that it has users I’ll have to make sure it keeps working!

Daniel Simu - - Genitore

Oof, I feel like this would be a lot easier with my state explorer! But I sadly broke it for the time being... :(

Nice work!

The Void - - Genitore

I have a 100% record. Retiring now. :-)

7b_wizard - - Genitore

I got ...

1 gold, 2 green, 3 green, 4 gray, 5 gray.

That leaves 0, 6, 7, 8, 9 as different digits, if needed. Or also more of 2, 3, 1.
Now, the 1 can only belong, where I guessed 4, so as to not bite with the 3 landing. It will then from there land, where I guessed 5.
So, then is still open where the 2 and 3 come from.
I musn't now let the fifth position land on the 3, 'cos the 2 could not anymore be accessed ( but by a 1 before it, which was wrong, let alone that 1 then not be accessed ). So my fifth position will have to land on the 2, done so by 2 on it ( the former ).
That then leaves 2 or 7 to access the 3 from first position:

7 gray, 2 green, 3 green, 1 green, 2 green.

Only 2 2 3 1 2 left now, and was right, all green °•yipih•° :oD

Orinoco - - Genitore

My strategy is guess 97531 & 86420 which at the very least tells me what all the candidate digits are. So far more often than not I get enough information to work out the correct answer on the 3rd guess. This actually makes a very nice little logic puzzle!

Maria - - Genitore

I also use the first two guesses to get all the digits. I think that's a good strategy, but often there is still more than one possible solution after that. (I have used 12345 and 67890 or something similar.)

I have used more guesses than necessary at least twice due to not paying attention (placing a digit in a position where I should know it didn't belong because it was yellow there). But yeah, without mistakes like that it should be possible to get pretty good stats.

Little Paul - - Genitore

You should turn on “Challenge Mode”

7b_wizard - - Genitore

I like how such different aspects as thinking in orbits and having to close orbits, their loop, then divisibility of the sum by 5 ( leaving only 5, 10, 15, .. multiples of 5 for sum ), then bare guessing to start off, and knowledge about states, in complexity melt to one siteswap.

7b_wizard - - Genitore

hehe^^ ... double or nothing for getting it in three. in two.

Orinoco - - Genitore

Ooh that's considerably harder!


7b_wizard - - Genitore


7b_wizard - - Genitore

°ooouh°, so many wrong siteswaps :o|


Adrian G - - Genitore

Very fun, thank you for making it :)

Is there a reason it doesn't like siteswaps that start with 0? E.g. it doesn't accept 00555 or 05550.

barnesy - - Genitore

Glad people are enjoying it!

There was a good reason for that: I made a mistake! I fixed that a good few days ago, so I hope you just need to force a refresh to pick up the newer javascript.

barnesy - - Genitore

The code should contain a list of every suitable siteswap. It could of course validate entries instead, but what seems to be working on the site is my half hour hack!

My mistake meant that everything starting with a zero wasn't on that list. I can certainly enter 00555 here, so I think it is a caching thing if you still can't.

Adrian G - - Genitore

I was testing in an incognito tab as I'd already done today's, so would have assumed it wouldn't depend on the same one as my normal browser? But maybe not, either way it seems to now work in an incognito tab so I assume you're right about it being caching...

barnesy - - Genitore

Oh, I think it may also have been because I just moved to a new host and the redirect from the version linked at the top wasn't working any more. And I don't think I had applied the fix to that version.

Easiest answer was to delete the old one and do some work! The correct link is

barnesy - - Genitore

I was asked if Siteswaple could be made more difficult. Right now I'm not entirely sure that I succeeded...

Orinoco - - Genitore

I feel trolled today.

barnesy - - Genitore

All possibilities are possible!

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