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Monday, 2008-09-15





Sergey Ignatov is coming to the Katakomben!!!!

He will be teaching from 15th Sept-12th Dec 2008 with one week break in October.

The lessons are 16 hours per week (Mon-Thurs 9:30-13:30) and cost 60,00 EUR per week in addition to your training space fees. 4 consecutive weeks cost 220,00 EUR and all 12 weeks cost 600,00 EUR. Additoally to the fee you have to pay for Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenstertraining in Katakomben.

Sergey is the Grand Master of technical Juggling. He can give any juggler an invaluable basis for work with toss juggling of any kind.

Sergey has over 18,000 performances behind him and broke the world record for numbers juggling with 11 rings in 1972. Already many jugglers have benefited from Sergey's willingness to pass on his knowledge. He has given 3 workshops here over the past 3 years. Now he has agreed to give a 3 month residency.

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