Tropical Islands Invasion IV

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lunedì, 24 gennaio 2011 to sabato, 29 gennaio 2011


Tropical Islands Resort, Brand, Berlin



More a jugglers holiday then a convention as there's no planned workshops or shows apart from a renegade...

The Tropical Islands Invasion is like a flashmob of jugglers but it lasts a week! For about 5 days in the new year jugglers from all over (but mostly from Ireland) shall "invade" the Tropical Islands resort. We arrive, unpack our stuff into lockers and then go juggle, swim, chill on the sun longers by the beach, stroll through the tropical rain forest or take it all in up high in the hot air balloon. When it all gets too much… w...e hit the saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, jacuzzi, massage treatments, sunbeds, meditation rooms and so on. For those that feel it's too peaceful and relaxing there's a gym to get some excercise in…

Oh and there's a number of bars one of which stays open 24/7, but you guys wouldn't be interested in these at all would ya? :) Day and night means little in the dome, and one runs into the other without you realising it a lot of the time

Full details for this event can be found and discussed at the forum below. Please keep all discussion and questions to this forum so everyone has the chance to join in, last year there was 2 main discussions on this event and it was hard to keep track of both an each had to be updated to reflect the other making unnessecary work for organisers...


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