11th International Theatre- Juggling Workshop ALEJE 2012

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sabato, 25 agosto 2012 to venerdì, 31 agosto 2012


Budisov near Trebic




We heartily invite jugglers, theatre performers and conjurers to the 10th international workshop Aleje 2012!

The main instructor of ALEJE 2012 will be Marco Paoletti - who will give workshop of "Technique for Creativity". Under his direction we will search our specific personal juggling style and we will create our own scenic performance, improve our juggling-jam skills or improvisation. Marco's workshop is suitable for jugglers of all levels!!!

The KUFR Theatre alias Adela Kratochvílová and Dasha Travníkova will provide various juggling workshops, workshops of partner acrobatics or theatre as well as massage and relaxation workshop.
Traditionally, Franz Bauer (Germany) will give workshop of pantography (mime+photography).
Unicycles and jumping boots will be available on site as well.

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