Festival "Following Isaac Bashevis Singer's traces"

(Following Isaac Bashevis to its friends)

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Sunday, 2012-07-08 to Wednesday, 2012-07-25


Lublin and Lublin district




Festival "Following Isaac Bashevis Singer's traces" will be an artistic and educational event for children, youth and adults in five towns which were mentioned in Isaac Bashevis Singer books (the author of "The Magician of Lublin"): Biłgoraj, Józefów Biłgorajski, Tyszowce, Szczebrzeszyn and Bychawa.

Jugglers, actors, performers, musicians and educators will embark on a journey following traces of the old pre-war past. International group of artists and volunteers will stimulate and revive the local population to their own cultural and educational development. Volunteers and artists in cooperation with the locals will work for two days in each town organising little town Festival with workshops and performances.

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