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Thursday, 2012-05-24 to Saturday, 2012-05-26






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We invite all fans of circus arts and slackline for a party.
The plans include:

-Ability to take part in a big fire show, combined with Juvenalia's (students party) open-air concert.
-Highliners struggle on two high tapes: 1: 12mH, 26mL, 2: 30mH, 38mL.
-Workshops of different circus arts: monocycle/unicycle, stilts, fire show, juggling and much more.
-For fireshow performers and buskers !!! We invite you to cooperate with graduates of the Theatrical Academy in Bialystok. They will share their knowledge about stage movement, contact with audience, voice production, basics of directing.

Joining the great feast of the students fellowship, which Juvenalia is, we would like to work with the great breadth in this topic like never before, and which Białystok has never seen!

Thanks to the courtesy of Bialystok Juvenalia organizers, a broad-based juggling enthusiasts from across Poland, and I hope that also from the whole Europe and the World, will gain access to a sports hall of Białystok Technical University. They will be able to share each other with their skills and participate in shows.

Evenings for our guests will become more pleasant thanks to outdoor concerts with stars of the European class.

The bloodthirsty capitalism is forcing organizers to levy the costs of entrance in amount of PLN 15.

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