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Monday, 2015-06-08 to Thursday, 2015-06-11


Balmazújváros, Hungary




In the attention of all ball and club jugglers!
A possibility for technical and trick-building skills development, to improve the use of creativity, to learn training techniques and some things about professional attitude. This 20-hour-workshop given by the acknowledged juggler and highly experienced teacher, Maksim Komaro, is a great chance to get inspired and to open new perspectives of juggling practice.
Time: 8-11 June 2015
Location: Balmazújváros, Hungary
Price: 120€

To the attention of the French, Greek, Polish, Croatian jugglers: 1-1 person of each country has a possibility to participate free as a representant of our partners. If you would apply for this support you need to send an application with your CV and youtube link to the following address until 12th May 2015.:

The selection is going to be until 14th May by the partners according to the tecnical level, motivation and location of the applicant.

Application constantly until there are available places!

You can read the details on the link!

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