Buugeng & S-Staff Intensive and Retreat : Convergence

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venerdì, 13 maggio 2016 to domenica, 15 maggio 2016


191 Linam lane, Cedar Creek, TX 78612




This is the first annual buugeng retreat and intensive taking place right around the corner from beautiful Austin, Tx. The theme and driving force behind this first year is Convergence.

Convergence con·ver·gence (kən-vûr'jəns)
1. The process of coming together or the state of having come together toward a common point.
2. The coordinated turning of the eyes inward to focus on an object at close range.
3. The tendency of unrelated animals and plants to evolve superficially similar characteristics under similar environmental conditions.

Each year we plan to bring together some of the biggest names in buugeng and s-staff manipulation to share their knowledge in a secluded buugeng-focused setting. We hope to provide both an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow, as well as provide a space to facilitate creation and exploration into new realms.

Come join us for 3 days of camping, fire, and of course buugeng!

Meals are included with the cost of each ticket and will be provided at regular intervals throughout the day(breakfast,lunch, and dinner).


Dai Zaobab
Jay Firecat
Christopher "Janus" Dall
Colin Peterson
Gustavo Ollitta

**Stay tuned to our Facebook event page for more instructor announcements**

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