Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival 2023

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venerdì, 19 maggio 2023 to domenica, 21 maggio 2023


Yvonne Richardson Community Center, 240 East Rock Street, Fayetteville, AR 72701, Arkansas



Once a year we climb the hill and light a fire--a fire large enough so that each of us can take a little of it home with us. Join us this year for three days of juggling, a public show, a secret show, and a huge group of amazing people who throw things for kicks. We will have an area set up where you can learn how to juggle or just watch all the objects flying around the gym. Juggling is only one branch of a huge object manipulation tree. We love to see a wide variety of skill toys, so bring out anything you like to jam with. Bonus points for anything we haven't seen before!

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