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Nordic Juggling Convention 2006 25-28 of May in Jonkoping, Southern Sweden Contents: * It's time! * The place * The schedule - so far... * Call for workshops * Call for public shows * Call for volonteers * Read more at our website: * Again - welcome * It's time! Hello juggler - if you have not already done so, it is now time to mark 25 to 28 of May in your calendar. Because this is when the 22:th Nordic Juggling Convention will be held in the fair city of Jönköping, Sweden. It will be four days of intense juggling, amazing workshops, public shows, new friends, old friends and perhaps even some sleep. Whatever your juggling-style - balls, clubs, torches, staff, diablo, unicycle, small children, rubber chickens or poi, etc - you'll find new inspiration and tricks att NJC2006 We're just in the process of putting together the schedule for the convention. In this letter you'll find some of the hard facts - more will follow in other letters. We're looking forward to meeting you in person, in Jönköping, in May 25-28:th! * The place Jönköping lies in southern Sweden, by the great lake Vättern - the second largest lake in Sweden. We've booked a large sports-gymnasium for the event: We'll have at least two separate halls for juggling. Sleeping-halls will be in a school, close to the gymnasium. We'll be within walking distance from the city center with shops, restaurants etc. It's quite easy to get to Jönköping. There's a train-station, airport, and a large motorway through the city. More travelinfo at our site: * Pre-registration Yes, pre-registration is open! Our first period of the lowest available early-bird special price ends next week! Then the prices will go up as of March 1. Gee, we are just like Hästens! For details about prereg - check our website! * The schedule - so far...... Okey, right now the schedule is a little blank - but that will change. Some of the things that are booked are. * Public show in a 100-year-old Theater in the city center. * An outdoor show with live band music (The royal swedish army's music band) where we're invited to do live juggling to music! It's a part of a greater arrangement called Windmusic Festival with participants from all over the world. * A lot of workshops - see below. * Call for workshops Would you like to lead a workshop? - Mail us! Any special workshop you'd like to attend? - Mail us! Let us know what you want, and we'll try to tailormake this convention to suit you! * Call for acts for the public shows Do you have an extraordinary trick? Perhaps even a couple of tricks? Then you probably want to be in our public show for a live audience, in a 100-year old theatre. It will be magnificient - more details in a later letter. * Call for volonteers Yes, we need help to keep this convention working during the four days. If you want to give some of your time to check people in at the door, empty wastebaskets etc - then we'll revard you fittingly. No, we can't say more - but it will be tokens of our thanks handed out. * Read more at our website: When more information about the convention is available, we'll put it out on our website. * Again - welcome We're looking forward to meet you in Jönköping. Please let us know it there's anything you wonder about. Regards, Joacim Mattisson Great Balls and Fire arrangers

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