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Juggling events 1996

EventStart dateDaysCountry
1996 IJA Winter Jugglers Festival1996-01-076USA‎
Hastings Unicycle Hockey Tournament1996-01-071UK‎
Madison Area Jugglers Madfest1996-01-123USA‎
The 1996 Instant Kiwi World Buskers Festival1996-01-199New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
New Zealand Juggling Convention1996-01-273New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
18th Annual Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival1996-02-023USA‎
Jugglefest '961996-02-032USA‎
University of Kent at Canterbury Juggling Convention1996-02-101UK‎
12th Annual Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival1996-02-118USA‎
York Juggling Convention1996-02-181UK‎
Hobart International Buskers Festival1996-02-223Australia‎
Adelaide Fringe Festival1996-02-2324Australia‎
Virginia Technical Jugglers 5th Annual Leap Day Festival1996-02-242USA‎
5th Liverpool Circus Convention1996-02-251UK‎
The Fourth Annual University of Waterloo Juggling Convention1996-03-091Canada‎
Tejas Jugging Festival1996-03-162USA‎
Bristol University Uni-Hockey Tournament1996-03-171UK‎
Boston Area MIT Juggling Miniconvention1996-03-232USA‎
Hay-on-Wye 11th National Circus and Theatre Convention1996-03-257UK‎
The 2nd Australian Juggling Festival1996-03-293Australia‎
20th Annual Isla Vista Juggling Festival1996-04-053USA‎
9th British Juggling Convention1996-04-114UK‎
10th Annual April Fools Day Juggling Festival1996-04-123USA‎
Fifth Annual Portland Juggling Festival1996-04-123USA‎
3rd Karlsruhe Festival of Acrobatics1996-04-193Germany (Deutschland)‎
Youth Festival1996-04-201Germany (Deutschland)‎
19th Annual RIT Spring Juggle-In1996-04-272USA‎
4th Annual Montréal Juggling Festival1996-05-033Canada‎
3rd Birmingham Circus Convention1996-05-041UK‎
1st Leipzig Juggling Festival1996-05-103Germany (Deutschland)‎
Rostock1996-05-112Germany (Deutschland)‎
5th Great London Unicycle Grand Prix1996-05-121UK‎
Nordic Juggling Convention1996-05-164Denmark (Danmark)‎
16th Annual Sir Isaac Newton Memorial Juggling Festival1996-05-173USA‎
6th Dutch Juggling Festival1996-05-173Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Third Up For Grabs Jugglefest1996-05-182USA‎
10th Dutch Acrobatic Festival1996-05-252Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Malakoff Juggling Festival1996-05-313France‎
Lemgo1996-06-012Germany (Deutschland)‎
7th Austrian Juggling Festival1996-06-064Austria (Österreich)‎
FlatLand '96 Juggling Festival1996-06-073USA‎
Fifth Annual Kutztown Jugglefest1996-06-081USA‎
Fourth Annual Continental Congress of Jugglers1996-06-143USA‎
1st Norwegian Juggling Convention1996-06-213Norway (Norge)‎
Alcorcon1996-06-213Spain (España)‎
The Epic Juggling Festival1996-06-213USA‎
Lancaster Jugglers Lake District 1996 (Swallow Barn)1996-06-222UK‎
Winchester International Arts Fair1996-06-283UK‎
10th Swiss Juggling Convention1996-07-044Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
3rd Wessex Juggling Convention1996-07-053UK‎
Winchester Hat Fair1996-07-053UK‎
Edmonton International Street Performers Festival1996-07-1210Canada‎
49th Annual IJA Summer Festival1996-07-166USA‎
8th International Unicycle Convention (Unicon) Guildford1996-08-058UK‎
Unicorn VIII (World Unicycling Convention)1996-08-058USA‎
Crawley Circus Festival 19961996-08-102UK‎
19th European Juggling Convention 19961996-08-127France‎
Fringe Unhinged1996-08-1610Canada‎
Oranjeboom Straatfestival1996-08-163Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Club J.J. Island Bash1996-08-241USA‎
4th Israeli Convention1996-08-261Israel (ישראל)‎
Purdue Juggling Festival1996-08-312USA‎
2nd Cambridge Juggling Convention1996-09-011UK‎
3rd Snowdonia Juggling Festival1996-09-063UK‎
Jonglissimo 961996-09-063France‎
6th Juggling Convention Karlsruhe1996-09-133Germany (Deutschland)‎
8th Bristol Juggling and Circus Skills Convention1996-09-149UK‎
1st Siegen Acrobatic Meeting1996-09-203USA‎
8th Annual Hurrican Hugo Flying Objects Juggling Festival1996-09-203USA‎
Yale Anti-Gravity Society Juggling Festival1996-09-203USA‎
Portuguese Juggling Festival1996-09-255Portugal‎
S.I.R.C.U.S Juggling Festival1996-10-043USA‎
5th East Midlands Juggling Convention1996-10-061UK‎
Lodi Juggling Festival1996-10-113USA‎
5th Channel Island Juggling Convention1996-10-183Channel Islands‎
5th International Buskers World Cup1996-11-014Japan (日本)‎
Lancaster University's Fourth Hallowe'en Juggling Convention1996-11-021UK‎
1st Laos International Juggling Festival1996-11-237Laos‎
Kettering Festival1996-11-292USA‎
MissalToad Convention1996-12-072UK‎
1st Argentinian Juggling, Street Theatre and Circus Convention1996-12-194Argentina‎

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