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Juggling events - UK‎ 2012

EventStart dateDaysCountry
The Bristol University Juggling Convention 92012-01-211UK‎
Chocfest 17 - York's Juggling Convention2012-01-281UK‎
Ballring Circus Convention 20122012-02-111UK‎
Belfast Juggling Convention 20122012-02-173UK‎
Bath UpChuck 20122012-02-251UK‎
British Juggling Convention 20122012-04-115UK‎
Gandini Juggling Audition Workshop2012-04-161UK‎
Cancelled *** CANCELLED *** British Unicycle Convention (BUC) 2012 *** CANCELLED ***2012-04-203UK‎
Lestival 5!2012-05-051UK‎
Bungay Balls Up 20122012-05-2611UK‎
World Juggling Day - UK2012-06-153UK‎
Play Festival 20122012-08-155UK‎
Piccadilly Circus Circus2012-09-021UK‎
Edinburgh Aerial & Acro Convention 20122012-09-073UK‎
European Hula Hoop Convention 2012 (& Sheffield Circus Skills Convention)2012-09-073UK‎
Flow Feast UK (Weekend Retreat) 20122012-09-144UK‎
Bristol Beatboxing and Juggling Jam2012-09-161UK‎
Bristol - The Number 1 Juggling Convention - 20122012-09-229UK‎
Manchester Juggling Convention 14 → Moved to 27 October2012-10-131UK‎
The Showman's Show 20122012-10-172UK‎
Durham Juggling Convention2012-10-193UK‎
Manchester Juggling Convention 142012-10-271UK‎
UK Southern Regional Kendama Championships2012-10-281UK‎
Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 32012-11-101UK‎
Beyond Circus2012-11-224UK‎
The London (Juggling) Convention 20122012-11-241UK‎
Leeds Juggling Convention2012-12-081UK‎
Greenwich Circus Festival 20122012-12-143UK‎

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