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juggles with wolves -

Hello, Raleigh jugglers here! We welcome jugglers of all skill levels and skill and have been meeting without interruption since the early 1980s. IJA membership not required but encouraged :-)
Due to the Martin Luther King Holiday, we will be meeting January 21, 2020 (Tuesday) same time, otherwise we meet every Monday.

Mïark - - Genitore

Hi JwW,

Welcome to Juggling Edge.

You can mark on the Juggling Edge listing for your club any weeks it will not be meeting.

#NCStateJugglingClub - because everyone loves hashtags

Mike Moore - - Genitore

> have been meeting without interruption since the early 1980s.

Wow! That's some staying power.

Mïark - - Genitore

That is pretty impressive, which made me wonder which was the oldest juggling club.

Only a fifth of the 955 active juggling clubs listed on Juggling Edge have given their start date (or "Established date")

The oldest is Santelli in Netherlands which was established in 1962.

Years old . . . . No. of Clubs
50+ 2
40-49 8
30-39 18
25-29 17
20-24 13
15-19 11
10-14 19
5- 9 62
0- 4 31

Top Ten Oldest Juggling Clubs listed on Juggling Edge

  • 1. (58 years) Santelli
  • 2. (50 years) Oxford City Juggling Club
  • 3. (45 years) MIT / Boston Area juggling club
  • 4. (43 years) Texas Juggling Society
  • 5. (42 years) Atlanta Jugglers Association
  • 5. (42 years) Safety in Numbers
  • 8. (41 years) Cascade Jugglers
  • 9. (40 years) Nottingham Juggling Club
  • 9. (40 years) Jest Jugglers
  • 10. (39 years) Stanford Court Jugglers

Seven of the ten oldest clubs are in US, this might be due to amateur juggling clubs starting earlier in the US, US clubs being better at recording their start dates or more US clubs listing themselves on Juggling Edge.

[Incidentally, the Juggling Edge listing for North Carolina State Juggling Club says they were established in 1992 not the early 1980s - so that might need changing or the date checking.]

Daniel Simu - - Genitore

I'm not certain if people have been meeting at Santelli for juggling that long, I'll met a bunch of Santelli regulars last weekend but didn't know I needed to ask this, haha! Will do next time I run into them :)

It's a youth circus with a long history indeed, the date is the origin date of the youth circus.

Mïark - - Genitore

Oops! Was looking at the wrong data.


Only a fifth of the 955 juggling clubs listed on Juggling Edge have given their start date (or "Established date"), but half of the active clubs have a start date.

Years old . . . . No. of Active Clubs

50+ 2
40-49 7
30-39 12
25-29 12
20-24 5
15-19 4
10-14 11
5- 9 13
0- 4 27

The Void - - Genitore

Hmm, the established date of #Altern8 seemed to have disappeared. I've just put it back (year only). Should this date be visible on the club's page? 'Cos it's not.

The Void - - Genitore

Apart from right at the top of the page, of course. Ahem.


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