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Richard Loxley -

The Altern8 Virtual Juggling Club:

Tonight the Bristol jugglers (from the Monday night Altern8 juggling club) hosted our first virtual juggling club using Jitsi video conferencing.

It was really nice. Everyone grabbed a drink and/or snacks, and we sat and chatted, watched each others' cats doing silly cat things, marvelled at the occasional juggling attempt in the background, and generally chilled. We even got 'visitors' who have moved away from Bristol and were able to return due to the online nature. People dropped in and out, probably about 10-12 people most of the time.

We'll be doing it again next week.

For all other juggling clubs who have had to cancel - why not go down the same route? I can give advice on setting it up using Jitsi - it's really easy.

Or if you know us and would like to join us in our next meet-up, let me know and I'll send you a link - we could probably accommodate a few more people before it becomes unwieldy.


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