Introducing: JuggleGym

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nrjuggler -

Introducing: JuggleGym

I have created a new juggling simulator. Inspired by JugglingLab, but written from the grounds up to run within your browser, with mobile support of course. You can also add it to the home screen of your phone. You can find it here:

Warning! Beta -- it can still be a little bit rough around the edges. Feedback is welcome!

Daniel Simu - - Genitore

Nice nice! I like how you've made it look!

Some things I noticed
The text in the input field is not selectable, I was confused when I couldn't do that. - correction: On chrome I can select, on Firefox(win10) I can't...?

In some cases when entering an invalid siteswap I get red text, in some cases I don't

What is beat shift? I noticed it only works on synch patterns, but couldn't figure out what happens if I change the value

All in all, works well, will definitely try on mobile too!

nrjuggler - - Genitore

Dankjewel! :-) The input field selection issue has now been fixed. There is a random siteswap generator available now as well. The siteswap validation (red text) still needs work though.

As for the beat shift, I think you meant to say that it only works for async patterns right? That is correct. Suppose the time between two throws of the same hand is one second. Then, typically, the left hand throws at T=0s, the right at T=0.5s, and the left at T=1s. So, each beat is spread half a second apart. But, you can shift the beat to throw more closely together or further apart. To see how that works, simply use "3" as a siteswap and drag the slider.

Daniel Simu - - Genitore

Hoi Raymond :-) No, I meant synch patterns. For some reason the slider seemed disabled on most patterns, except for synch patterns. Right now it does seem enabled for both, but only show effect on the asynch one, and the effect is rather obvious now. Thanks :)

The generator is a nice addition, but to me a long list of siteswaps is not very interesting. It becomes much more useful once I can filter, for example excluding 2's or finding only 3 beat patterns. Also you could add excited state patterns :)

david - - Genitore

Very nice. I especially like the ability to rotate my point of view. And, of course, passing.

With Safari on an iPad I couldn’t access the text entry box. I was a little confused with the passing patterns until I realized there were two labelled one- count. After a little while I saw that the text description changed appropriately between them. They were both one-count, I guess the real problem is we don’t have widely accepted names to distinguish them. Perhaps a * or #, etc for the less well known varieties.

I also got lost poking random spots and had to reload the page. No biggie. Thanks for sharing it early, I can use it as is to explain patterns to people.


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