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David Bremner -

Hello from Tasmania.
Been juggling for a while now (on and off for 20+ years) but have only recently decided to have a real crack at it. The plan started as trying to learn 5 Ball Cascade. Still trying to learn it, but have gone back to basics to give myself a good base from which to work from. Training for about an hour a day, sometimes 3. Was considering attempting WR for 3 Clubs, lol. I have managed 11min so far - not looking good! Just trying to have fun first off. 5 Balls can wait :-)

Also learning fireclubs to remove boredom. They are scary. Need to get some slightly less smokey fuel (Using Turps just now).

Not sure of any clubs in Tasmania, will have a look.

Found this site whilst looking for sewing patterns for balls, but that is another story.


Orinoco - - Genitore

Hi David, welcome.

When you say turps do you mean real turpentine (natural oil made from tree sap) or "turps substitute" (distilled petroleum). I have no experience with turpentine but I'd definitely avoid anything petrol based. Paraffin is your friend.

David Bremner - - Genitore

Cheers Orinoco, I will obtain some paraffin. The smoke off the turps is horrendous - can hardly see the clubs spinning - even at dusk. Only lit them up twice so got a far way to go. They feel very different from my PX3s, but the good thing is that they are not really affected by the wind (I practice outside, going on the principle that the wind moving the clubs around should increase my skill level).

bad1dobby - - Genitore

David, fellow Aussie here. What you want is kerosene. In Australia ‘paraffin’ generally means liquid candle wax, which is not what you want. Kerosene is the fuel most jugglers/spinners use.
I’m a month late to this party, so you’ve probably sorted it out by now.

7b_wizard - - Genitore

Hi from upper rhine, germany.

Taking a decision is half the success.

Welcome and good odds for your things!

David Bremner - - Genitore

Hi 7b_wizard, I lived in Mainz for a year when I was about 9. Nice place from what I remember. Went to school in an American base camp which was weird (my dad worked for IBM).

7b_wizard - - Genitore

Hi again, David, how small the world can be!? Well, you know Mainz better than me then, as I was there only once a passerby ;o)

Tufty - - Genitore

I've alwas used what was called "paraffin" as well, but this is not necessarily what it's called in oz. It used to be sold at the pump in old petrol stations, but it's definitely not what you'd put in your car unless you wanted a total motor teardown. Paraffin oil is what google seems to think it's called "down under".

It is smoky, less so than white spirit or turps, but burns relatively cool with a very visible flame. I've seen coleman fuel and the like suggested, it's a lot less smoky but that burns really damn hot.

And remember, shake off the excess *before* lighting your torches. Lesson learnt at Kent Custom Bike Show, circa 1992.

David Bremner - - Genitore

Yeup. Big shakes of the clubs, then move to a different area from the fuel.
I also have a spotter and a hose beside me, on and set to spray setting. Fear is my friend.

I will try and obtain some Paraffin oil and see how I go. I did read about coleman fuel, but that is for heating / cooking - must be hot!


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