Update on European Juggling Convention, EJC 2023 in Ireland:

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Mïark -

Update on European Juggling Convention, EJC 2023 in Ireland:

Important EJC 2023 Announcement!
Hello Jugglers and Circus Family,
We have an update for this year's EJC. After many difficulties securing a site for the Convention, we are delighted to say we are now in final negotiations with a venue. We are working on this process at full speed, and hope to have a final decision and contract by the end of March.
So what we want you to know is that the final decision on the site will be made very soon. The team are fully dedicated and strong, and are fully confident of hosting the EJC this summer! Our dates remain 29 July - 6 Aug 2023!
We really appreciate both your patience and good wishes. Hosting an EJC is a huge task, and we are grateful for all the support now and to come. Be sure that we as a team promise to deliver the best EJC we can, and we look forward to welcoming you to Ireland very soon!!!
Many thanks,
The EJC 2023 Team
#EJC2023 #ejcireland #europeanjugglingconvention #meetinIreland


Maria - - Genitore

Updates on EJC 2023:

See the event. In short: It won't be in Ireland, but "There is currently a strong alternative being worked on in another country, but for the same dates."

Hopefully, we will know more next week or so. We are still expecting an EJC, don't make other plans! :)

Mïark - - Genitore

It has been confirmed EJC 2023 will be in Lublin, Poland.

See https://www.jugglingedge.com/forum.php?ThreadID=3879


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