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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 pallina in one hand6 catches Lerajuggling2019-09-24
3 pallina 44103:35 Lerajuggling2019-07-25
3 pallina cascade with crossed arms00:49 Lerajuggling2019-07-25
3 pallina Mills Mess05:14 Lerajuggling2019-06-23
4 pallina fountain06:04 Lerajuggling2019-07-30
5 pallina cascade250 catches Lerajuggling2020-03-17
6 pallina fountain14 catches Lerajuggling2020-05-31
7 pallina cascade13 catches Lerajuggling2020-06-10
8 pallina fountain8 catches Lerajuggling2020-06-07
3 clava cascade06:08 Lerajuggling2019-07-26
4 clava fountain204 catches Lerajuggling2019-12-03
5 clava cascade8 catches Lerajuggling2020-06-10
2 cerchio in one hand419 catches Lerajuggling2019-07-28
3 cerchio 44134 cycles Lerajuggling2019-06-25
3 cerchio cascade03:21 Lerajuggling2019-06-25
4 cerchio fountain273 catches Lerajuggling2019-07-28
5 cerchio cascade50 catches Lerajuggling2020-04-14
6 cerchio fountain10 catches Lerajuggling2020-05-06
3 pallina shower01:05 Lerajuggling2019-07-25

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