Records by Kyle C

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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 palla back crosses12 prese Kyle C2020-04-01
5 palla cascata115 prese Kyle C2020-03-01
6 palla fontana7 prese Kyle C2020-05-11
6 palla fontana sincrona10 prese Kyle C2020-05-12
6 palla cascata sincrona6 prese Kyle C2020-05-12
3 clava cascata with a club balanced on the head11 prese Kyle C2020-04-29
3 clava cascata flats7 prese Kyle C2020-05-24
4 clava fontana78 prese Kyle C2020-05-11
4 clava fontana singles11 prese Kyle C2020-05-24
4 clava fontana sincrona68 prese Kyle C2020-05-11
4 cerchio fontana120 prese Kyle C2020-02-01
5 cerchio cascata36 prese Kyle C2020-05-12

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Ella , Kyle C
Ella, Kyle C