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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 palla 4411650 prese Jan Poolen2013-11-03
3 palla 531867 prese Jan Poolen2013-11-02
3 palla reverse backcrosses48 prese Jan Poolen2013-09-14
4 palla (8,2x)(4,2x)*520 prese Jan Poolen2013-09-09
4 palla 53 back crosses8 prese Jan Poolen2013-12-27
4 palla 534 back crosses21 prese Jan Poolen2014-08-03
4 palla 6451280 prese Jan Poolen2013-11-30
4 palla 7441300 prese Jan Poolen2013-11-02
4 palla back crosses80 prese Jan Poolen2014-08-07
4 palla fontana penguin catches192 prese Jan Poolen2014-04-07
4 palla mezzadoccia488 prese Jan Poolen2013-11-02
5 palla (6,4x)*124 prese Jan Poolen2013-10-16
5 palla (6x,4)*260 prese Jan Poolen2013-10-16
5 palla (8,2x)*76 prese Jan Poolen2013-09-01
5 palla 66336 prese Jan Poolen2018-08-23
5 palla 7535356 prese Jan Poolen2014-01-25
5 palla 771221 prese Jan Poolen2014-07-13
5 palla 77991133176 prese Jan Poolen2019-01-22
5 palla 8448641644 prese Jan Poolen2014-08-25
5 palla 85270 prese Jan Poolen2013-11-17
5 palla 88441158 prese Jan Poolen2014-06-14
5 palla 9449334440 prese Jan Poolen2015-08-24
5 palla 96374148 prese Jan Poolen2015-01-16
5 palla b17164 prese Jan Poolen2013-09-01
5 palla b75314442 prese Jan Poolen2016-04-30
5 palla scatola48 prese Jan Poolen2015-07-14
5 palla back crosses65 prese Jan Poolen2017-04-01
5 palla cascata with a club balanced on the head126 prese Jan Poolen2020-01-02
5 palla cascata over head115 prese Jan Poolen2016-04-05
5 palla cascata penguin catches73 prese Jan Poolen2017-03-04
5 palla d1915160 prese Jan Poolen2015-01-22
5 palla Mills’ mess141 prese Jan Poolen2015-05-07
5 palla reverse backcrosses30 prese Jan Poolen2019-07-20
5 palla cascata inversa70 prese Jan Poolen2015-02-01
6 palla (ax,2x)*80 prese Jan Poolen2018-01-23
6 palla 756150 prese Jan Poolen2016-07-28
6 palla 9555172 prese Jan Poolen2014-07-14
6 palla 963104 prese Jan Poolen2020-06-24
6 palla b97531410 prese Jan Poolen2019-08-12
6 palla back crosses6 prese Jan Poolen2014-07-14
6 palla fontana378 prese Jan Poolen2014-06-26
6 palla fontana over head75 prese Jan Poolen2018-07-30
6 palla Mills’ mess100 prese Jan Poolen2020-08-27
6 palla doccia36 prese Jan Poolen2014-10-21
6 palla cascata sincrona172 prese Jan Poolen2013-10-14
7 palla (8,6x)*120 prese Jan Poolen2019-08-02
7 palla (8x,6)*187 prese Jan Poolen2019-08-12
7 palla 867173 prese Jan Poolen2021-11-18
7 palla 885151 prese Jan Poolen2021-09-03
7 palla 966192 prese Jan Poolen2021-06-11
7 palla 995539 prese Jan Poolen2019-07-07
7 palla back crosses7 prese Jan Poolen2017-11-13
7 palla cascata477 prese Jan Poolen2016-10-10
7 palla cascata penguin catches7 prese Jan Poolen2014-05-16
7 palla db9753170 prese Jan Poolen2021-12-01
8 palla 97819 prese Jan Poolen2021-09-27
8 palla fontana106 prese Jan Poolen2021-09-30
8 palla mezzadoccia12 prese Jan Poolen2017-03-11
8 palla cascata sincrona penguin catches8 prese Jan Poolen2014-05-16
9 palla (ax,8)*10 prese Jan Poolen2015-01-06
9 palla a899 prese Jan Poolen2015-01-06
9 palla cascata46 prese Jan Poolen2019-11-03
10 palla fontana10 prese Jan Poolen2014-11-24
10 palla fontana sincrona12 prese Jan Poolen2015-01-06
10 palla cascata sincrona10 prese Jan Poolen2013-11-29
3 clava cascata contortionist18 prese Jan Poolen2013-09-02
4 clava 645120 prese Jan Poolen2013-12-27
4 clava 7531192 prese Jan Poolen2015-12-13
4 clava 7531 flats4 prese Jan Poolen2014-05-08
4 clava fontana flats100 prese Jan Poolen2014-08-07
4 clava Mills’ mess96 prese Jan Poolen2019-03-10
5 clava (6,4x)*33 prese Jan Poolen2015-03-03
5 clava (6x,4)*120 prese Jan Poolen2014-05-15
5 clava 64599 prese Jan Poolen2017-02-03
5 clava 74484 prese Jan Poolen2016-07-29
5 clava 771122 prese Jan Poolen2024-04-16
5 clava 9637416 prese Jan Poolen2017-02-09
5 clava 9753155 prese Jan Poolen2019-08-13
5 clava back crosses95 prese Jan Poolen2019-03-16
5 clava back crosses doubles80 prese Jan Poolen2022-07-25
5 clava back crosses triples117 prese Jan Poolen2021-12-04
5 clava cascata259 prese Jan Poolen2014-05-17
5 clava cascata with a club balanced on the head91 prese Jan Poolen2019-08-23
5 clava cascata flats100 prese Jan Poolen2019-04-28
5 clava cascata singles115 prese Jan Poolen2015-02-28
5 clava Mills’ mess72 prese Jan Poolen2023-12-29
6 clava 75664 prese Jan Poolen2023-12-12
6 clava fontana160 prese Jan Poolen2023-06-01
6 clava fontana singles6 prese Jan Poolen2014-05-22
6 clava fontana doubles18 prese Jan Poolen2014-11-08
6 clava fontana sincrona58 prese Jan Poolen2019-07-25
7 clava cascata79 prese Jan Poolen2024-03-11
5 clava cascata inversa65 prese Jan Poolen2021-09-05
6 clava 77487 prese Jan Poolen2024-04-26
7 palla aa145 prese Jan Poolen2021-11-18
6 clava 7777280 prese Jan Poolen2024-04-16

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Jan Poolen, Rob van Heijst