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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 pallina 441 Eric's Extension22 catches CamS2014-01-28
3 pallina 51 half contortionist15 catches CamS2013-12-18
3 pallina cascade half contortionist77 catches CamS2013-12-20
4 pallina 633 Mills Mess52 catches CamS2013-12-18
4 pallina 64514156 catches CamS2014-02-05
4 pallina Boston Mess87 catches CamS2014-01-28
4 pallina fountain half contortionist10 catches CamS2013-12-18
5 pallina 6447 catches CamS2013-12-19
5 pallina 6464533 catches CamS2013-12-19
6 pallina wimpy78 catches CamS2014-02-05
3 clava cascade half contortionist35 catches CamS2013-12-19
3 cerchio cascade half contortionist22 catches CamS2014-02-07

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