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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 pallina (6x,2x)(2x,2x)(4x,2x)306 catches CameronFord2014-09-16
3 pallina in one hand while lying down10 catches CameronFord2014-09-20
3 pallina 531 while lying down30 catches CameronFord2016-07-29
3 pallina 6261606060601242424242424270 catches CameronFord2014-09-21
3 pallina cascade with a head bounce100 catches CameronFord2018-08-13
3 pallina cascade with a club balanced on the head100 catches CameronFord2016-03-22
3 pallina cascade while lying down310 catches CameronFord2014-08-31
3 pallina Mills Mess clawed300 catches CameronFord2014-08-16
4 pallina 5551400 catches CameronFord2014-09-16
4 pallina 55550330 catches CameronFord2014-09-03
4 pallina fountain with a head bounce8 catches CameronFord2018-05-11
4 pallina fountain penguin catches31 catches CameronFord2019-06-14
4 pallina synchronous fountain with a head bounce60 catches CameronFord2019-06-18
4 pallina wimpy340 catches CameronFord2014-09-21
5 pallina (6x,4)*100 catches CameronFord2014-12-24
5 pallina (6x,4)* while lying down10 catches CameronFord2014-12-20
5 pallina 64530 catches CameronFord2015-01-09
5 pallina 6855120 catches CameronFord2016-06-25
5 pallina 6864120 catches CameronFord2016-06-25
5 pallina 74430 catches CameronFord2015-01-09
5 pallina cascade500 catches CameronFord2015-05-17
5 pallina cascade blind5 catches CameronFord2022-09-07
5 pallina cascade with a head bounce6 catches CameronFord2018-05-12
5 pallina cascade with a club balanced on the head50 catches CameronFord2016-05-03
5 pallina cascade while lying down20 catches CameronFord2016-05-15
5 pallina cascade penguin catches5 catches CameronFord2019-01-05
5 pallina half shower100 catches CameronFord2014-12-21
5 pallina Mills Mess60 catches CameronFord2018-04-25
6 pallina fountain208 catches CameronFord2018-01-16
6 pallina fountain while lying down8 catches CameronFord2014-09-03
6 pallina half shower125 catches CameronFord2018-01-16
6 pallina synchronous fountain108 catches CameronFord2016-08-06
7 pallina [52]50 catches CameronFord2016-08-31
7 pallina cascade101 catches CameronFord2018-08-12
3 clava Alberts4 catches CameronFord2014-08-15
3 clava back crosses81 catches CameronFord2015-05-16
3 clava back crosses singles105 catches CameronFord2015-05-27
3 clava cascade with a head bounce50 catches CameronFord2018-07-17
5 clava (6x,4)*10 catches CameronFord2014-12-01
5 clava cascade600 catches CameronFord2019-01-31
5 clava cascade with a club balanced on the head10 catches CameronFord2018-10-07
5 clava cascade triples102 catches CameronFord2018-05-25
6 clava fountain14 catches CameronFord2018-10-04
6 clava half shower8 catches CameronFord2017-10-27
3 cerchio cascade with a ring balanced on the head100 catches CameronFord2017-09-23
5 cerchio cascade100 catches CameronFord2015-06-01
6 cerchio fountain24 catches CameronFord2017-08-10
7 cerchio cascade30 catches CameronFord2023-02-19
5 pallina shower31 catches CameronFord2015-07-04
1 pallina head bounce200 bounces CameronFord2015-08-04
3 cerchio cascade blind224 catches CameronFord2022-09-07
5 cerchio cascade blind5 catches CameronFord2022-09-10
5 hoop cascade100 catches CameronFord2023-01-01

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Anne, CameronFord, Heydar
Anne, CameronFord, Heydar, JonPeat
Anne, CameronFord, Heydar, PipJim
Brook Roberts, CameronFord
Brook Roberts, CameronFord, Heydar
CameronFord, Heydar
CameronFord, Heydar, PipJim